TACTICAL PINK Women's Self Defense in Scottsdale


TACTICAL PINK Women's Self Defense


The program consists of 18 different classes that are taught on a rotating basis. You are welcome to start anytime. You do not need to wait until we circle back to the first class.

We offer two classes per week. You are also welcome to supplement those group classes with private lessons.

Absolutely! You will get a great workout, but you can adjust the intensity to suit your own fitness level.

On the lower end, participants must be at least 14 years old, though we will consider 13-year-olds on a case-by-case basis. On the upper end, adults of any age are welcome. Age is just a number!

Yes. We just ask that you notify us 30 days ahead of time.

Depending on how often you decide to train, the full program will last approximately 8-12 months.

We recommend that participants train at least once per week. Beyond that, please feel free to select a training schedule that works best for you.

Injuries are possible in any athletic activity, but we go to great lengths to minimize the risk of injury. The floors and walls in our training facility are covered in two-inch thick mats. Our instructors always have safety in mind and we train carefully to avoid injuries. Whenever we practice striking, we wear mouthpieces in case of accidental contact.

For shirts, we ask all participants to wear a TACTICAL PINK rashguard available in our pro shop. For pants, we recommend athletic wear like yoga pants or sweatpants. For footwear, we train barefoot. For safety reasons, please make sure your clothing has no metal zippers or buttons that could injure your training partners. Also, please remove any jewelry that could injure you or your training partners.

The program costs $125 per month.
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